Christmas With Kulišák

A play for the youngest children on the motives of the brothers Grimm’s fairy tale
5. 12. 1996
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5. 12. 1996
Iva Peřinová
Directed by: 
Zdeněk Peřina, Iva Peřinová
Set design: 
Ivan Antoš
Miroslav Ošanec, Pavel Havlík
Markéta Sýkorová, Martin Rálek

The play was created loosely on the motive of the brothers Grimm’s fairy tale “About a little bird, sausage and a little mouse”. The charm of the old original lies not only in fable nonsense (a little mouse, little bird, sausage live together) but also in a witty and clever allegory: Everyone can do what they know the best.

In our fairy tale the bird gets up early to bring some brushwood and make fire; the mouse gets up in the morning to cook a soup – and the sausage gets up the last to scent the soup. And they feel happy! Till the day when a strange bird Kulišák tells them enviously that this is not the way it should be....

This fairy tale is created through the form of so called "table theatre". The actor and actress narrate the story to children and at the same time they play with the puppets (marionettes) in a simple yet variable scene focused on an acting detail. The production received in 1997 awards at Mateřinka festival for the text (I. Peřinová) and acting (M. Sýkorová).

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