Fairy Tale into the Palm

A verse fairy tale about the cycles of the year seasons in nature...
24. 10. 2015
Running time: 
60 minutes
Věková kategorie: 
24. 10. 2015
Iva Peřinová
Directed by: 
Set design: 
Kamil Bělohlávek, Tereza Vašíčková
Ivan Acher
A verse fairy tale about the cycles of the year seasons in nature is actually a living dream of an astonished person, before whom personified seasons suddenly begin to march. As everybody knows, they are all different. Mrs. Winter is severe and strikes first, the rainy Spring is a personality way more sensitive, hot Summer can heat up a lot, on the other hand the painter Autumn is always having his head somewhere in the sky... The year seasons are gradually fighting of the rule over the world, but they can do what they want, their fight has always had the known result.

But the story of two snowflakes which takes place through the entire year has not known its ending yet. The snowflakes (both are called Anežka) which landed on the ground in winter, melted in spring and evaporated to the air in summer. Is it an unhappy ending of the fairy tale? Oh no... After all, the winter is coming soon and snowflakes are falling down, among them our known ones.

The Naive Theatre shows Fairy Tale in to the Palm to remember their former artist, Iva Peřinová, who would be seventy last year. The play is one of the best texts for children from the pen of this "first lady of the Czech puppet theatre". The play was successfully performed in a number of Czech and foreign theaters (for the first time in the Naive Theatre by Pavel Polák in 1991). This time directed by Martin Tichý, who has created in the Naive Theatre for example the award-winning production of The Fairy Tale about Raška.

Technical requirements:

Stage: width 6 m, depth 9 m, height 4 m
Input power: 380/220 V, protection: 16/32 A

Author of Photos: Josef Ptáček


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