The Headless Knight

A marionette comedy on motives of traditional plays by Czech folk puppeteers
27. 1. 2001
Věková kategorie: 
27. 1. 2001
Iva Peřinová
Directed by: 
Tomáš Dvořák
Set design: 
Ivan Nesveda
Jiří Koptík
Tomáš Bělohlávek, Filip Homola, Zdeněk Peřina, Marek Sýkora, Milan Hodný

The cruel and dastardly knight Loreko hires a band of robbers to assail and burn the castle of Valečov. He wants to revenge to the master of Valečov, who denied him to marry his daughter. Soon before Loreko manages his mean plan, ghosts punish him: they dance him in a round and smote his head. Headless Loreko wandering around also scares the hired robbers to death and they scatter and Valečov and his people is saved at last.

The marionette comedy The Headless Knight is created as a pure puppet theatre in illusive decorated scene without the presence of any actor. It is the first from a long series of successful cooperations of the author Iva Peřinová with Pilsen puppeteers Tomáš Dvořák (direction) and Ivan Nesveda (staging).

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