Jack And The Magic Beanstalk

You can climb the magic beanstalk to the sky…
11. 2. 2006
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11. 2. 2006
Iva Peřinová
Directed by: 
Set design: 
Roman Anderle
Jiří Vyšohlíd
Tomáš Bělohlávek, Filip Homola, Karolína Rottová, Jana Vyšohlídová

The fairy tale tells a story about a young Janek who is walking with a head in the sky for so long that he gets there on his own but he does not want to go back. Up there he meets a pretty “sky” girl Aster. But there is a little hitch – Aster serves the mean giant of sky who eats golden eggs and mainly – humans…

The production was written according to a classic English fairy tale (Jack and the Beanstalk) by Iva Peřinová. In contrast to the original she highlighted the negative character of the giant, added a poetical role of the sky girl Aster (who every morning plays the cello to put stars to sleep so they do not shine during the day…) and she gave the main hero Janek much more portion of the typical “flightiness”. Thanks to all these components the story is smooth, striking and witty. This is also because of four actors who step out very often of the tale and comment on the story in a funny way.

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