Joan Of Arc

A puppet comedy about a Saint whose greatest miracle was that she kept her virginity for the entire year.
22. 2. 2008
Věková kategorie: 
22. 2. 2008
Petr Vodička
Directed by: 
Petr Vodička
Set design: 
Renáta Pavlíčková
Matěj Kroupa

Unlike most of the artists who had worked on the topic of the fate of Joan of Arc, Voltaire did not focus in his extensive masterpiece on the dramatically grateful tragic end of Joan of Arc. His intention was to mock the “abilities” of the Church to create a brand new reality through various legends. Therefore he concentrated on the only year in life of that young French heroine – when being the head of the army she successfully pulled her army through France to Orléans. Her mission (and the trust in her) was closely connected to her virginity. And Joan had to (in the interest of France) strike the biggest battles against her enemies and herself to keep her virginity …

A tallented author and director Petr Vodička followed in The Maid of Arc his previous “historical productions“ in the Naive Theatre (Tristan and Isolde, The Red Orm), which were full of humour, dynamic actions and exquisite language of outstanding literary originals.

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