A Little White Bear Has Come

About the fact that he has come and he might come sometimes.
13. 10. 2007
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13. 10. 2007
Iva Peřinová
Directed by: 
Zdeněk Peřina
Set design: 
Jana Smetanová
Helena Fantlová, Michaela Homolová, Markéta Sýkorová, Marek Sýkora, Zuzana Kolomazníková, Karolína Nižníková, Petr Vydarený

Oh, these little polar bears! You will not meet them in our country so often... But, you can bump into one in the Naive Theatre. Such a bump is then unexpected and swift – especially, when you are just skiing (which is quite normal in Liberec). And this exactly what has happened to Princess – she was skiing happily when suddenly bum – a bear! Well, rather a little bear. A little polar bear, stray from far away Eskimo land...

A new original fairy tale written by the main author of the Naive Theatre Iva Peřinová is oscillating on a fine thread between craziness and poeticism. Under the direction of Zdeněk Peřina the story is produced with a help of puppets and through a screening of live animated square puppets and actors of course who are getting out from the plot, comment on it and move it forward.

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