The Magic Fishbone

A fairy tale about a fishbone that have a magic power...
7. 2. 2015
Running time: 
45 minutes
Věková kategorie: 
7. 2. 2015
Charles Dickens, Markéta Sýkorová
Directed by: 
Set design: 
Jan B. Novotný


Once upon a time there was a kingdom, poor as that church mouse which lived in an empty royal treasury. There were no ducats for the pay of courtiers and servants and there was almost nobody left in the royal castle. Only the unhappy king, the sick queen and their daughter Alenka. And let's not forget, there lived Alenka's seventeen younger siblings, whom she had to look after from dawn till dusk. And no doubt that there were a lot of troubles with such a large group of kids! Get them out of bed, prepare breakfast, cook lunch, wash the dishes, and go out to town for a walk... and all the way around.

Do you think Alenka has left a little time for herself in this turmoil? She would slowly have time for getting married, but she has no wedding thoughts at all ... And Prince Princmetalius is so handsome and nice ...

Fortunately, there lives a fairy godmother Bábrlína in the kingdom and she gives a magic fishbone to Alenka. The bone can fulfill a wish, but only once and only if it is used at the right moment ... But when does the moment come? Is it now or not? Maybe tomorrow the magic powers will be needed even more... And who knows what the day after tomorrow brings?

The only fairy tale by the famous English novelist, Charles Dickens, belongs to the golden collection of modern fairy tales. It comes from the tradition of literary realism that Dickens was the main representative. And that's why the story of Alenka and her poor father, the king - despite all his crazy deeds - is entirely believable. And since Dickens was an Englishman, you can look forward to a great deal of typical English humour. It was directed and set designed by Markéta Sýkorová, who added a number of beautiful songs to her dramatization.

Technical requirements:

Stage: width 6 m, depth 6 m, height 3,5 m
Input power: 380/220 V, protection: 16/32 A

Author of Photos: Josef Ptáček