Marbuel and Kratinoha

A hell perform of a Devil’s family
22. 11. 2001
Věková kategorie: 
22. 11. 2001
Šimon Olivětín
Directed by: 
Set design: 
Barbora Jakůbková
Filip Homola, Michal Kořán
Michaela Homolová, Filip Homola, Jana Vyšohlídová

She-devil Koksinda, daughter of Marbuel and Kratinoha, was shooting arrows to other devils – it would not bother anybody under normal circumstances but she accidentally hit the Lucifer’s buttocks with her fiery arrow. Furious Prince of Hell calls Marbuel to account and requires a grand punishment of his daughter ("...hang her by the tail to the ceiling and tickle her on the feet..."). Marbuel refuses immediately and Lucifer forces him and his family out from the hell.

A studio production (meant only for the adult audience) received the Audience Vojta Šálek Award at Children in Dlouhé 2005 Festival.

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