or From the Old Czech Legends

You’re Czech, Czech, Czech, so be grateful for it!
20. 2. 2010
Věková kategorie: 
20. 2. 2010
Tomáš Jarkovský, Jakub Vašíček
Directed by: 
Jakub Vašíček
Set design: 
Kamil Bělohlávek, Tereza Venclová
Ondřej Müller
Rostislav Novák
Karel Kratochvíl

A legendary prince Neklan was raised according to the model of his famous and “far-famed” ancestors. He could be a wise king as Forefather Čech, strong as Bivoj and brave as Horymír. However, in the crucial moment, when Neklan were about to become the leader of his army to face the Lučany army to protect the Czech land, he failed. Suddenly, all his preparations in military tactics and high-quality armor are useless …
A witty interpretation of a legend about a mythical off-spring of the legendary Přemysl and Libuše was prepared for the Naive theatre by the team of young authors from KALD DAMU Prague led by a talented director Jakub Vašíček. They took the Neklan’s story as a little excursion to the most famous old Czech legends with a very funny apocryphal leap to the present day. Thanks to this thematic expansion the production is suitable for pupils of the 2nd degree of the primary school and also for the grown-up audience.
The production received The Award for the Script (Tomáš Jarkovský and Jakub Vašíček) at the Skupova Plzeň 2010 Festival.

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