A Tale about Raška

Without great miracles, he reached the sky…
12. 12. 2008
Running time: 
55 minutes
Věková kategorie: 
12. 12. 2008
Ota Pavel, Tomáš Syrovátka
Directed by: 
Set design: 
Renáta Pavlíčková
Ivan Acher


The performance on the motives of the famous Tale about Raška written by Ota Pavel can be put into a category of “experimental performances”. The show takes place in an unusual space of a small unroofed arena. The audience (in a reduced number) should feel inside as if they were on the stand around the landing zone under the ski jump hill somewhere in the high mountains. The mountains and ski jump towers create the main stage set of the snow fairy tale about a little boy who wants to climb a high mountain and then fly higher and higher …

A Fairy Tale Based on a True Story about the golden Olympic ski jumper received a lot of festival awards and has been awarded The Best Czech Puppet Show 2009 (The Erik Award).

It's played in the Naive Theatre Studio with a limited number of seats.



ERIK prize for best Czech puppet production of the 2008/2009.


Prize for dramatization – Tomáš Syrovátka.
Prize for acting – Filip Homola.


Technical requirements:

Stage: width 7 m, depth 15 m, height 5 m
Input power: 380/220 V, protection: 16/32 A
Absolutely flat floor is required. Auditorium is part of scene.
This play is closely bound with Naive Theatre Studio, for tours consultation is required.
Author of Photos: Josef Ptáček
Photos in print quality for download: