The Whale Is Waddling

A fairy tale about two pirates who are swallowed by a whale
7. 12. 2001
Věková kategorie: 
7. 12. 2001
Iva Peřinová
Directed by: 
Pavel Polák
Set design: 
Ivan Antoš
Vítězslav Hádl
Helena Fantlová, Tomáš Bělohlávek, Filip Homola

A very successful clownery is on the repertoire of the Naive Theatre with a short break for two decades. The scene consists of a big opening whale. Two actors who are teasing and making fun of each other, discover themselves in a whale’s stomach, shrunk to puppets. They are two pirates Žvanda and Planda, who were swallowed by the whale as a punishment because they are "rascals who ignore fair work". They can be released from the whale’s stomach only by a magic little star which was also later swallowed by a whale. The little star lays down more and more conditions with every act: it wants to be “a cozy place” in the whale’s stomach. Žvanda a Planda then unwittingly and against their will fall into “a working enthusiasm” which changes them entirely.

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